Dealing With A Car That Was Involved in an Accident


If you have been in a car accident, no matter whose fault it is, if there has occurred damages to your car you need to get it repaired. Usually most car accidents are straight forward cases, but the person whose car gets damaged usually suffers inconvenience. The problem of getting around is the primary concern. Also, the costs to bear for getting the damages fixed gains foremost importance.

Contacting insurance company

You need to ensure that you get hold of the license number and driver’s contact details of the other car, especially if the other party was at fault. This is a necessary part of claiming dues from the insurance company. Usually the party who has caused the accident, the insurance company of that person needs to pay up for damages that have occurred in your car. In case there are personal injuries as well, you need to get the medical claims cleared by the same. Usually car damages are evaluated by panel beaters in Perth.

Finding the right repair service

When the insurance company has been contacted, you need to find the right repair assistance workshop to get your vehicle back on the road and in minimal time. Many insurance companies have tie ups with workshops and they will provide you the details of panel beater services they are licensed with. You need to call in to get the vehicle hauled to the workshop if necessary and get a quote from them as to what would be the costs for the repairs to be done.

Getting your vehicle back

If the insurance company pays up on time, your vehicle should be back in your hand in a week or two, depending on the severity of the damage to be repaired. In minor damage cases the repairs are done quickly and you can get your vehicle back in no time. Many auto repair services also provide rental or spare cars to such customers to help them get a ride during the period when their vehicle is being fixed. This is a useful service that one can find from premium repair workshops.

Deciding on future usage

If the vehicle is fixed well and is running fine, you can continue using the vehicle. In case certain damages leave the car with a poor performance standard, you might consider putting it up for sale. In these cases the vehicle sells for a diminished value in the market. You might also decide to sell it off to the repair service if they deal in old and used vehicle spare parts. You would then be provided a nominal cost for the same. The insurance company is supposed to bear your losses and cover for the loss in the sale proceedings.