How To Keep The Price Down With Insurance For Your Imported Car?

If you’re the proud owner of a recently imported car, you need insurance for it. It is absolutely mandatory for you to do so, and it’s a foolish idea to step out in your car without proper insurance. The trouble with an imported car is that rates are higher. Let us see how to keep the costs down. car importer

If you live down under, then you must have chosen vehicle shipping to Australia for your dream car. There are quite a number of rules in place for getting the requisite clearance and permits and there’s a fair amount of money involved as well.I would recommend that when shipping vehicles to Australia, a professional car importer Australia specialist be called in to handle the proceedings, which can take a good amount of time. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that all the paperwork and logistics will be handled by them.Foreign make vehicles are costlier to insure. The reason for this is that most imported cars need parts and replacements to be shipped from overseas. Then again, there is the trouble of finding a reliable garage specializing in foreign cars, and their service charges are higher. Thirdly, many imported cars to Australia have to be modified in order to comply by the country’s standards, which are high.

A good way to keep down costs is to choose an insurer whose job it is to insure modified or imported cars. Often, their rates will be lower. Secondly one should also choose a specialist policy. Specialist policies are less costly than the average standard coverage which is comprehensive in nature. The next thing you could do is to take advantage of any deals or discounts, not to mention other types of price reductions.

You can search for the cheapest imported car insurance by obtaining several quotes given by standard issuers, and in turn comparing them with the quotes given by a number of specialist insurers. According to the make and classification of your vehicle, you could often find a small difference in the premiums or sometimes as large as a 50% difference. Thus it is worth trying this approach first. If you find that the quotes are pretty close, then opt for the specialist insurer.

The advantage with specialist insurers is that they have a lot of available options for you to choose. They understand that they are dealing with car owners who are passionately in love with their cars, and can be trusted to drive them carefully and responsibly. Given that the vehicles are high speed vehicles with lots of horsepower, the drivers of these cars take extreme care for their safety.

Some of the things to compare between specialist insurers are choice of the mechanic, salvage rights, modification limits, agreed value and lay off period, covers for racing and high speed usage and a lifetime guarantee on the repairs to your car.